Wired telephone lines are getting cut

06th Dec

A guest blog from The One Point on the big telephone switch-off

The PSTN, or Public Service Telephone Network, used to be big in our lives.

But in 2025, the PSTN will be switched off. So what?

From a personal point of view, nobody cares. The change is all part of technological progress, right?! Look at how news travels when we welcome the birth of a new arrival to our families.

A generation ago, a big event such as this would spread, one by one, via the landline phones in our hallways – remember those old relics. Nowadays, we would all likely use our mobile phones to send photo and video messages to multiple family members at once (Or even entire social circles). What is notable about this, or rather not so noteworthy, is the technology we use that makes this all possible.

For businesses and organisations, however, the PSTN switch-off is a change that matters. If you don’t care about this switchover, then you should. It’s a change for the better and a change for which you need to be ready.

What is happening to business phonelines?
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The job of the PSTN – that being the technology that transmits our voice in a phone call – will fall to our broadband and ethernet connections, aka VoIP. In short, voice is going digital and opening up a world of opportunity in the process.

In practice, this could mean new functionality. Dialling a local number could get you talking to someone anywhere in the UK, a local touch without being local. Telephony and collaboration solutions can scale up and down as needs change. All the stuff that was once the preserve of large businesses, like multi-media contact centres, can now benefit smaller-scale enterprises and what once cost hundreds of pounds per user per month is now tens of pounds per user.

VoIP opens up a world of opportunity for businesses
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This change is more than just trivial technical jargon. The one thing that businesses need to know about their phone system is that it depends on their IT infrastructure. Meaning getting the proper support for your IT and your Telecoms solutions are more intertwined than ever.

Now, in 2022, there are less than three years before PSTN is no longer an option for businesses. So as we say out with the old PSTN technology and in with the new, more secure, modern and scalable VoIP – it’s time to ask one crucial question. How ready is your business for the VoIP switchover?

Need to make a change, contact us today and take advantage of the opportunities of VoIP.

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