Wildlife Trusts seek business support for £30m appeal to kick-start nature recovery

29th Sep

The Wildlife Trusts – a federation of 46 grassroots charities – believe that restoring nature is vital for people and for industry. Investing in healthy, functioning ecosystems is essential for tackling climate change and the resilience of the UK economy.  
September 2020 marks the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Wildlife Trusts are uniquely placed to help businesses working towards sustainability goals for responsible consumption and production, life on land, life below the water, sustainable communities, and climate action. 
Craig Bennett, chief executive of the Wildlife Trusts, said: “We’ve set ourselves an ambitious goal – to raise £30 million and kick-start the process of securing at least 30% of land and sea in nature’s recovery by 2030. We will buy land to expand and join up our nature reserves; we’ll work with others to show how to bring wildlife back to their land, and we’re calling for nature’s recovery through a new package of policy measures including big new ideas like Wildbelt.
“The next ten years must be a time of renewal, of rewilding our lives, of green recovery. We all need nature more than ever and when we succeed in reaching 30 by 30 we’ll have wilder landscapes that store carbon and provide on-your-doorstep nature for people too. Everyone can support and help us to succeed.”
The Wildlife Trusts have a long history of working with businesses to improve places for nature and to inspire and enable employees and customers to experience the joy of being closer to nature. The Wildlife Trusts’ existing partnerships demonstrate the contribution that businesses can make to achieving 30 by 30:  
•    Severn Trent Water is creating 5,000 hectares of space for nature and working with Wildlife Trust farm advisers across Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire to improve places for wildlife, clean-up agricultural practices and improve water quality. 
•    During its 13-year partnership with the Wildlife Trusts, Aggregate Industries has managed its landholding to benefit wildlife and has over 4,000 hectares reaching Biodiversity Benchmark standard. Many precious and remarkable nature reserves, such as Ripon City Wetlands in North Yorkshire have been created for local wildlife and for people to enjoy and care for.  
•    Jordans Cereals enables its oat farmers to farm for nature. Their farmers set aside 10% of their land to be managed for wildlife and together they provide more than 4,000 hectares for wildlife. Over the past five years, each of Jordan’s oat farmers have worked with experts from their local Wildlife Trust to put in place measures to benefit species including birds, bat and pollinators.
•    Employees of leading international law firm Hogan Lovells support the Wildlife Trusts through their employee fundraising activities and generous provision of pro-bono legal advice. 
•    Every year, more than 600 employees from Siemens take part in Wild Work Days – improving natural places in their communities and demonstrating the value of nature on employee wellbeing. Employees return to work feeling happier and healthier; more than 81% reported an improved sense of wellbeing following their time spent with their local Wildlife Trust.
Funds raised by the 30 by 30 appeal will go towards projects that range from land acquisition to peatland repair and species reintroduction. 
Find out more about how businesses and industry can work with the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 by 30 appeal at wildlifetrusts.org/about-us/partnerships/working-businesses

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