02nd Jun

Pace Communications’ dynamic account managers are the vital cogs in the wheel of the thriving Hull-based creative communications agency.

Despite account managers’ pivotal role in agency life, being asked what they do is quite common. The Future of Account Management, a report by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, debated the role.

“Before I got my first job within an agency I had no idea of the full scope of the role,” said account director Rebecca Flitton-O’Brien. “Now I know that it’s a job title that should be celebrated for its depth.

“A common misperception is that we are project managers. Making sure deadlines are met is our responsibility but it’s only a small part of our role. As highlighted in the report, we must span both emotional and professional skills such as empathy and charisma but also leadership, and having a strategic mind.

“A good account manager will be able to develop a marketing strategy and then subsequent campaign and channel plans. We need to be great at building relationships as being trusted by our clients is critical. Account managers are the voice of each client here internally at Pace.

“It’s a multi-faceted role that’s always high-pressured, but it’s very exciting. I can understand why the title can be misleading which is why we’ve recently changed it to ‘client manager’, but to be honest, what we’re called is not important – it’s what we do, and the value we can add, that counts.”

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