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02nd Jun

Going it alone to find a new recruit can be tricky – good people are in good jobs with little or no consideration for making a career change.

For some, this can lead to a ‘bad hire’, where the cost of engaging that person can be as much as double their salary, coupled with training costs, poor morale among the rest of the team… the list goes on.

The key to positive recruitment outcomes is engaging a professional agency to work in partnership. The team at Emmerson Kitney works on a project basis to understand exactly what type of person fulfills the requirements.

David Kitney is managing director at Emmerson Kitney. He explains: “Following the year we’ve just had, it’s clear good people in secure employment have not been seeking alternatives. Subsequently, employers may not always be seeing the best people – only the best people they have in front of them. Therefore, our job is to help companies improve their appeal and give new candidates a reason for change.

“We tend to work with SMEs – employers who believe recruitment to be an investment. Within the group, Emmerson Kitney focuses on engineering, sales, marketing, and technology, whereas Emmerson Kitney Financial Recruitment specialises in accountancy and finance recruitment.

“Demand for all of our services continues to increase, but in July last year, a gap opened up in the market for Smart Temps, our new business that sources excellent-quality temps for local manufacturing and engineering firms. This bolt-on to our business is expected to increase revenue by £2 million this year alone.

“We recently formulated a Bad Hire Calculator, which illustrates the hidden costs associated with taking on the wrong person, the negative impact of which can affect a business’s productivity, its bank balance, and company culture.

“In the 20 years I’ve worked in this sector, attitudes towards recruitment have changed massively. It’s much more scientific with tools such as psychometric profiling for unbiased screening. This can include the speed of learning, management style, and leadership potential. This information can unlock the true potential for a specific role and for us, it translates into 94% retention within 12 months of recruitment.

The EK Group is driving growth across the whole business, with a total investment of £250,000. The firm has increased the in-house team by 40%, acquired a second office in the Old Town, a new CRM system and websites.

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