WEEE recycling and data destruction with The One Point

18th Feb

What is WEEE?
WEEE recycling stands for Waste and Electrical Equipment recycling.
It’s a blanket term for electrical equipment that is no longer required. It covers equipment powered via a plug or battery. It also includes components used to make electrical equipment.
The crossed-out wheelie bin logo appears on any electrical or electronic equipment produced after August 13, 2005. The logo identifies the product as WEEE and so should not be put in a general waste bin. Instead, they should be disposed of via a licensed waste management company.
The following are the current categories of WEEE:

Large household appliances
Electrical and electronic tools
Toys, leisure and sports equipment
Medical devices
Monitoring and control equipment
Automatic dispensers
Small household appliances
IT and telecommunications equipment
Lighting equipment

The WEEE Law:
Up until February 2003, there were no laws or regulations regarding the recycling of electronic equipment and devices. Once WEEE became law, electronics started to carry the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol, to indicate the correct way to dispose of electronics.
Any WEEE items can be classified as such if they have reached the end of their use life, whether it is a household item or non-household item.
Why is WEEE so important?
All electrical waste contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment. When WEEE is simply dumped in landfills, over time the products decay and leak toxins into the earth and our waste systems. This can lead to the toxins entering our food chain and ultimately, into us.
What should be recycled under WEEE?
There are a number of different types of electronic items that fall under the WEEE umbrella. Most household appliances fall under this, as well as toys, medical devices, consumer equipment and monitoring/control equipment.
When it comes to the majority of business, there are a few key items that are regularly disposed of or replaced. The most popular electrical equipment in business being the following:

Computers (either desktop or laptop)
Telephones (including conference phones, mobile phones and other landline units)
Printers and scanners
Keyboards and mice

WEEE Data Destruction:
When your business disposes of redundant hardware, such as hard drives, are you considering whether these will be properly recycled or if the sensitive data within will be 100% destroyed?
The One Point can help recycle and destroy 100% of sensitive data, for all types of IT storage devices and electronic media, including items such as hard drives, media tapes or CDs/DVDs, etc.
The One Point Data Destruction Services:

Secure data destruction, performed by highly trained staff
Satellite tracked vehicles for collections
Destruction performed within our authorised storage facility
Data destruction certificate provided on completion
100% recycling of media after all sensitive data is destroyed

Hard Drive Destruction:
There are a number of ways of destroying hard drives that The One Point can offer, including simply wiping the data for re-use of the hard drive or fully shredding the hard drive after all sensitive data is removed. The company’s highly trained staff can help you make the most suitable method of destruction for you.
They can process countless types of external and internal hard drives in both 3.5” and 2.5” sizes, whether the technology is IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS or SSD, The One Point has a solution to ensure 100% of all sensitive data is destroyed.
Companies can rest assured that their sensitive data will remain in safe hands, from the secure collection in The One Point’s satellite tracked vehicles, to being wiped or destroyed in our authorised storage facility, overseen by the experienced staff.
They work extremely closely with trusted waste management partners to properly destroy the hard drives and provide customers with certificates of destruction, containing the hard drive’s serial numbers. Any destroyed hard drives are then recycled under WEEE law.
It is also extremely important to dispose of and destroy tapes, servers, DVDs and CDs.
Your old technology can make or break your business!
Why not contact a member of The One Point’s award-winning team today on 01482 420150 for a FREE audit of your waste management needs!

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