Webinars and grants for businesses reopening after Covid

05th Jun

As part of the #GrowMySME scheme, the webinars will focus on businesses across: factories and warehouses; offices; remote environments; and retail, leisure and hospitality.
Led by specialists in each area, SMEs will get valuable advice and guidance on what they need to do to follow Government guidelines, and details of how they can apply for grants to work with a health and safety consultant to create a plan for reopening their workplace.
Grants are available to cover 40% of the costs of working with a consultant to aid business planning. More details on how to apply can be found here: growmysme.co.uk/grants
The webinars take place as follows:

Reopening after Covid-19: Offices

Tuesday, June 9, 10am-12pm Book here: growmysme.co.uk/events/reopening-the-workplace-after-covid-19-offices

Reopening after Covid-19: Retail, Leisure & Hospitality Business Premises

Friday, June 12, 10am-12pm Book here: growmysme.co.uk/events/reopening-the-workplace-after-covid-19-retail-leisure-hospitality

Reopening after Covid-19: Remote working environments

Tuesday, June 16, 10am-12pm Book here: growmysme.co.uk/events/reopening-the-workplace-after-covid-19-working-away-from-the-premises 

Reopening after Covid-19: Factories & Warehouses

Wednesday, June 17, 2-4pm Book here: growmysme.co.uk/events/reopening-the-workplace-after-covid-19-factories-production-environments
Businesses are also able to watch on catch-up a Return To Work- Protecting Staff & Yourself webinar here: growmysme.co.uk/digital-resources/watch-on-catch-up-the-return-to-work-protecting-staff-yourself

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