Thursfields Talk Legal: buying, selling or leasing commercial premises

21st Jun

Top tips on how to go about buying, selling or leasing commercial premises will be the focus of a free Thursfields Solicitors webinar this week.

The Zoom-based event from 10am on Wednesday (June 23) will start with a short vidcast from Stewart Coles (pictured above), an associate director of commercial property at Thursfields, who will then appear ‘live’ for a question and answer session.

The Thursfields Talk Legal event, titled ‘A guide to buying, selling or leasing commercial premises’, is expected to last about 45 minutes, including questions and answers.

Mr Coles said: “My presentation will start by considering commercial properties themselves, and explaining what makes them different to handle from domestic properties.

“I’ll then discuss the top tips on what to make sure you’ve got ready if you’re seeking to buy, sell or lease a commercial property.

“This will not only include the main tasks and priorities to think about in each scenario but will also cover the pitfalls to avoid.”

Mr Coles added: “The vidcast will prompt questions from the audience, and hopefully all those attending will leave the Zoom call feeling more confident about what they need to do when buying, selling or leasing commercial premises.”

The webinar is the latest in Thursfields’ Talk Legal series which was launched at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown to ensure the company continued its regular free workshops for businesses and the community.

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