Thursfields’ latest Talk Legal webinar to explain how useful power of attorney can be

16th Aug

The reasons why people should consider arranging a power of attorney will be discussed in detail during Thursfields Solicitors’ next webinar later this month.

The Zoom-based event from 10am on Wednesday, August 25 will start with a short vidcast from Annabel Kay, head of Court of Protection and vulnerable client services at Thursfields, and she will then lead a question and answer session.

Ms Kay will explain exactly what a power of attorney means and how such a legal document can protect an individual’s health and financial interests should they not be able to act for themselves in the future, for instance if they become unwell, suffer an accident, injury, or lack mental capacity.

The Thursfields Talk Legal event, titled “Power of Attorney: do you know if you should you have one?” is expected to last around 30 to 40 minutes, including questions and answers.

Ms Kay said: “For many people, thinking about a power of attorney can be a difficult thing, as there’s often the unfounded worry that it means you are losing control of how your health or finances might be looked after.

“What I’m hoping to do in this webinar is help people to understand that the opposite is the case, and that if you arrange your own power of attorney this can protect you in many situations that can arise throughout life.

“For example, a power of attorney can ensure that your own wishes about your health care and finances are respected if you are unwell or unable to communicate because of age or illness.

“I’ll also talk about how to go about making a power of attorney, reassuring people that while it sounds official and foreboding it’s actually a very simple process that help people feel confident about the future if dealt with by the proper experts.”

The webinar is the latest in Thursfields’ Talk Legal series, which provides free workshops for businesses and the community on a regular basis.

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