Ten ways to improve the product pages on your ecommerce website

07th Mar

Your product page is the point at which a person moves from interested visitor to prospective customer and where the final buying decision is made. Here are ten ways to improve the performance of your product pages. Make the page more visible on Google

Don’t worry too much about SEO. If you produce good content that gets shared, Google will notice. The key elements are keyword usage, user experience, and depth and value of content. Don’t forget to provide 160-character meta descriptions as this is what people will see in search results.

Make sure you’re ready in mobile

  • More than 50% of your website traffic is probably from mobile and tablets
  • UK consumers buy more through their mobiles than any other country
  • Transaction rates may be lower in other sectors but even if consumers buy elsewhere, they still conduct research via mobile Responsive design is the best way to make your website compatible with mobile devices.

Use excellent photography

Good photography shows the item in detail, it’s consistent and, above all, it is inspirational. It’s often best to do your own photography; the manufacturer’s is not always up to scratch.

Write evocative and thorough product descriptions

These should be as inspirational as the photography. They should also answer the most common questions people might have.

Highlight the price and buy button

The buy button needs to be the most obvious thing on the page, near the top, just below the price. This is convention, so users are used to it. Use a single sentence in small text directly beneath the button that mentions a key selling point such as free shipping.

Include delivery, returns and refund information

It is essential to show this on the product page. This can be summarised to save space (but always include links to a comprehensive information page).

Show availability

Show this as early as possible. For the product pages, this means making it obvious which variants are available. Otherwise, you risk annoying customers who have to click through several options before finding it is out of stock.

Show scarcity

A stock threshold that shows a warning like “only three remaining” is a great way to encourage customers to buy. Showing the cut-off for same-day dispatch or next-day delivery also instils urgency.

Offer social proof

Unless you’re a household name, people are going to need a bit of reassurance before buying from you. The best way to do this is with “social proof”. Some examples are recent press, a big social following, a review system such as Trustpilot, or customer testimonials.

Show related products

There is a chance that this isn’t the right item, in which case you need to ensure there are other products to explore. Show related products at the end of the product page, either manually curating suggestions or using automation based on previous buying behaviour. There is much more information available online at sirius-hull.marketinginfohub.co.uk

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