Superfast broadband boosts specialist business

31st Aug

Just Paper Tubes has seen significant growth through a superfast internet connection where other internet providers have no plans to offer coverage.
Quickline brings superfast internet to businesses across the UK by combining a range of state-of-the-art technologies. A prime example is Just Paper Tubes, one of the UK’s leading cardboard tube manufacturers located in an area where other internet providers have no plans for offering coverage.
Based in Selby, Just Paper Tubes opened in 1987 and has increased its customer base over the past 30 years, supplying cardboard tubes and cores to customers great and small. The company’s core values are a tailored experience for each customer, quality and reliability, and having the competitive edge by providing premium products at affordable prices.
Being able to access a high-speed internet connection was extremely important for Just Paper Tubes in its mission to grow as a business. They contacted a national supplier regarding a leased line/fibre cable from the cabinet that was nearest to them, but were quoted £50,000 installation costs and significant monthly upkeep payments. This was infeasible for the company, as was their existing internet arrangement that was slow and limited.
Harry Coates, director at Just Paper Tubes, says: “We had heard about the progress that Quickline was making in East Yorkshire and the Humber region. Two years on, we are still very pleased with the service and product delivered, and although we have kept our ADSL and 4G connection for backup purposes, we hardly ever use them.”
Having access to a fast internet connection through Quickline has enabled Just Paper Tubes to make significant changes to its operations. On site they run large and complex SQL databases that require regular off-site backups to the cloud, which previous connections were unable to accommodate due to poor speed and capacity. With Quickline, they are able to back up this database every fifteen minutes. This ensures that data is securely stored and accessible 24/7.
“In the past six months, we’ve also been able to reduce our servers on site and have now gained many of the advantages of Microsoft 365,” adds Harry. “Previously, we had to run a mail server on site, which when the internet went down caused huge disruption to customer service and communication. With Quickline, we use a mail server hosted in the cloud that gives us 99.9% reliability.”
From accessing their database from anywhere in the world, to syncing documents and accessing CCTV remotely, communicating with customers through live chat, and being able to patch computers with the latest security releases, a high-speed connection from Quickline is enabling Just Paper Tubes to stay in control and grow its client base.
Harry says: “In our business we are very reliant on the sharing of information; if we can’t communicate with our customers via email, we have no work. With a strong, fast, reliable connection, we have been able to unlock services that give us a competitive advantage, such as the exchange of information with our suppliers and customers so that less data entry needs to be carried out. We now send to many of our customers pre-advice data on the products that they will receive from us, which helps to build trust and integrity around our brand.”
The power of this internet connection also extends to the company’s internal processes, such as submitting electronic data to HMRC and sharing large artwork files. Social media management is also a much smoother process, opening up new marketing opportunities and advanced customer engagement.
“We’re now running training sessions via videocalls,” adds Harry. “Plus, we’re looking to move to a VOIP service for our telephone system, which will increase productivity even further.”
Thanks to an internet connection designed for expanding businesses, Just Paper Tubes has recently made a significant investment into its new warehouse, allowing the production of stronger tubes on a large scale with a reduced timeline. They have also been very active with their apprenticeship scheme, as Harry points out: “Many members of our Senior Management Team joined the organisation straight after school, so taking on staff under the apprenticeship umbrella is second nature to us.”

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