Spire South Bank Hospital continues partnership with NHS during the pandemic

21st Jan

Spire South Bank Hospital, which has been helping the NHS in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, has upgraded a significant portion of its beds to provide added comfort for its patients.

The installation of 25 new beds at the hospital is part of a £1.5m national programme that is seeing Spire replace around half of its total beds across the country.

Covid restrictions, which limit access to the hospital to keep staff and patients safe, meant that the beds had to be delivered in an unusual way. The suppliers had to drop them off outside the entrance and the hospital team then wheeled them into the building. The Spire team then deposited the old beds outside the entrance for the suppliers to take them away to be disposed.

Spire South Bank Hospital has been providing cancer and urgent care as well as different types of surgery for NHS patients during the pandemic, relieving pressure on the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and cutting waiting times for patients, who would otherwise have had their treatment or diagnosis delayed or cancelled. The state-of-the-art new beds will provide extra comfort for both NHS and Spire’s private patients.

Dawn Pickrell, hospital director, said: “We are constantly looking for new ways to make every patient’s stay in our hospital as comfortable as possible and these new beds will be an important addition to our facilities. It has been a challenge getting these beds installed during the pandemic so I am proud of all the team here at Spire South Bank for their hard work in getting this done.”

Colorectal cancer services

Spire South Bank Hospital has also been working in collaboration with the local NHS trust to ensure that patients with colorectal cancer continue to be diagnosed and treated.

Between April and December 2020 more than 200 colorectal operations were performed at Spire South Bank Hospital on behalf of the NHS, including 100 major bowel resections.

The hospital is proud to announce that this work will continue during the ongoing pandemic. The Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust’s colorectal team will use the excellent facilities and expert nursing staff at South Bank, ensuring that urgent colorectal operations are not affected for patients in Worcestershire. 

Ms Pickrell added: “I am very proud of the team, who have worked tirelessly since April for carrying on the excellent work. Their efforts really are making such a positive difference to so many people’s lives.

“To have completed this number of procedures and continue to work so hard under the current circumstances is a credit to everyone.”

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