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13th Mar

Imagine being able to call just one number to access support for all of your business technology needs. Well, good news, this is the very thing that The One Point is so well known for. A simple, straightforward single supplier of managed technology services. That’s not to mention the awesome tech and amazing support that comes with it.

Over the years, our first-class customer service and willingness to go the extra mile has frequently gained us industry recognition. But have you considered what it takes for us as a business to maintain these standards and keep on winning?

Let’s take a look under the metaphorical hood of The One Point. We firmly believe in empowering our customers. We generate increased profits and delight customers by combining great people and great digital systems.

Everything, from anywhere through one single pane of glass.

At the very core of The One Point is our in-house, custom-built CRM that simplifies all of our sales and service processes end-to-end. Our in-house, custom-built CRM system makes everything visible through a single pane of glass from anywhere. So when our customers reach out, we’re ready to help them quickly and efficiently.

So how can we help your business?

We understand that your support and communication needs are often unique, and sometimes, by no means simple. Whether you have remote workers, lone workers, home workers or multisite workers – we can develop a solution to help you run a seamless, automated and user/customer-focused CRM.
This might involve introducing tools such as Microsoft Teams or even a custom-built support mobile app connecting directly with our ticketing system or purchase order platform. Whatever your requirements, we can help define, scope and build something that supports your organisation.

The world of technology is fast-paced, and it’s easy to get left behind:

Our expert digital services team can keep you up to speed with the latest trends and developments including everything from security alerts to technology upgrade opportunities across multiple platforms, email, web and social. We continually educate our customers about new ways to free themselves from technology barriers and meet their business objectives.

What should I do next?

Get in touch for a free Digital Scoping Session. Whether you are looking for a mobile app, CRM system, e-commerce store or website, we can help. We can also go the extra mile by ensuring that system automation and productivity improvement goals are considered and met throughout the process. We can save you and your business money and valuable time.

Have you ever considered how digital products can help your business? Get in touch to see how we can help your business grow.

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