Relaunch for all-weather sport company

12th Dec

A company with 10 years’ experience in providing all-weather surfaces for sport has relaunched to reflect its growth into new sectors.
Synthetic Turf Solutions has become PlayPitch as part of its focus on four key products.
After initially creating golf putting greens, the business now also offers football, rugby and multi-game areas for schools, sporting facilities and private clients.
The eco-friendly firm uses recycled plastic and a construction system that typically requires less materials and lorries than traditional systems, reducing the carbon footprint of each installation.
Managing director Andy McCague set-up PlayPitch 10 years ago. He said: “Our purpose at PlayPitch is to create sporting opportunity for all by making year-round outdoor activity a reality.
“We have an innovative approach that means our clients can have a finished product quicker than the traditional way of doing things.
“We remove just a few millimetres of existing grass which is much more efficient than traditional deep excavation methods that can be messy, time consuming and expensive. We can also use existing concrete as a base.
“We then use a jigsaw-style panel system to lay the structural base and finally, the chosen turf itself is fitted.”
PlayPitch installations are designed to last years but as they are not classed as permanent fixtures, clients are able to access operating lease funding for the work.
Each pitch can also be personalised to include logos, club badges and bespoke markings to create engaging and inspiring areas for play.
Andy said: “We are based in North Lincolnshire and work across the world to bring PlayPitch to customers from Newcastle to Norway.
“We are particularly proud of work we did in Oslo last year, in partnership with Act Global, where we installed three temporary football pitches for the 2017 Homeless World Cup where 500 people from 50 different countries played.
“This challenged public perception of homelessness and showed the positive impact of sport which we as a company firmly believe in.
“No two projects are the same but the end result is universal – to bring the possibility of play to all of our clients year-round.”

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