Quickline delivers modern connectivity to historic building

24th Aug

Based in Hull and working across the UK, Quickline specialises in introducing superfast internet connections to rural areas where other providers have no plans to offer coverage. Combining state-of-the-art technologies, the broadband provider regularly speaks to residents and businesses to get a thorough understanding of their individual needs, which often leads to the installation of masts that bring connectivity to homes, companies, holiday parks and many other premises.
The team recently visited the beautiful village of Upton in Lincolnshire to chat with existing customers. With just over 200 properties in the village, Quickline currently delivers services to a quarter of them, and this number is on the rise.
With a track record of solving problems through innovation, Quickline installed an antenna to the Church of All Saints on the High Street. Before this specialist upgrade, residents could only achieve speeds that were well below 1Mbps. This made using the internet a painfully clunky process, with streaming services such as Netflix and Now TV being practically impossible to access.
Now that the new antenna is doing its job 24/7, Upton residents can enjoy an internet connection that rivals those of urban hubs such as London and Manchester. This comes with countless benefits, from a smoother online experience that’s ideal for work and play, to multiple users in the same property being able to use the internet simultaneously without any delays, buffering or lost connections.
Quickline spoke to many very happy customers in Upton and the feedback was as consistent as their internet connection:

“We used one of the government connection vouchers and got our installation for free. It’s really good.”
“We have recommended it to neighbours and friends and received money back from Quickline on their referral programme.”
“There is a ginormous difference between Quickline and the suppliers we were with previously.”
“I can watch my TV in one room, while my husband watches what he wants in another. We could never do that before!”
“No one in the village could use a smart TV, with our previous connectivity it just wouldn’t work!”

With Upton acting as the flagship rural location for the communications provider and the results being unanimously positive, Quickline is now busy bringing superfast speeds to other villages and remote areas across Lincolnshire and beyond.
Hayley Silvester, head of Sales at Quickline, says: “We’re dedicated to helping residents and companies to make the most of the internet by not having to worry about slow connections, downtime or unreliable security. No matter how remote your premises, we can bring superfast broadband directly to you.”
The antenna on the village church even helped an Upton household to connect live with a family member who lives in Australia. This was for an important family event that otherwise could only have been shared through photos and videos afterwards. It’s examples like this that truly demonstrate the power of a superfast connection, bringing people together to share special moments as they happen.
To find out more about Quickline and their services, people from across Lincolnshire are invited to attend the Horticultural Show at Upton Village Hall on Sunday 2nd September.

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