New CPD resources now available to help online teaching, learning and assessments

31st Mar

A new suite of resources developed to help teachers with online learning, teaching and assessments were launched this on Thursday 25 March at an online event attended by teaching professionals from across the UK. 

Ten interactive CPD (Continuing Professional Development) teaching exemplars, toolkit and guidance have been jointly developed by specialists from a group of colleges in West Midlands and put together by the Blended Learning Consortium* with the project being funded by the Department for Education (DfE)’s College Collaboration Fund**.

The online resources are free to use, and aim to help raise the quality of synchronous (real-time) remote teaching and learning in Further Education and schools across the UK, by developing teachers’ synchronous e-teaching skills and supporting the online learning experience.

They comprise best practice exemplars that demonstrate a variety of academic approaches such as online collaboration, real-time group work, online real-time differentiation techniques, checking learners’ understanding, assessment, and questions and answer sessions.

Introducing the new resources were principal of Walsall College, Jatinder Sharma OBE, along with Roger Cotes, deputy director and head of FE improvement & oversight at the Department for Education. 

The event can be watched online at v=rzwkon2ybTU 

Dr. Jayne Holt, assistant principal, learning services at the lead college, Walsall College, said, “We recognised there was a need to transfer the teaching and support offered in the classroom into the online environment. In order to do this, we needed to equip staff with the tools and confidence to deliver high quality synchronous teaching in an online environment.

“The DfE College Collaboration Fund (CCF) was an ideal opportunity to request funding to support the research, design, development of the online materials that staff could access at any time.

“After many months of work by many teachers and staff across the West Midlands, I am thrilled that that we have now been able to launch these free-to-use resources today. 

Andy Greenough from Colleges for West Midlands added, “This has been a fantastic experience for all those who have been involved. The sharing of best practice has really built an appetite to do and share more. The network has been fantastic with staff now looking at maintaining the working group moving forwards because the benefits of working together far outweigh those of working in isolation.

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