Meet the Protectors – a superhero team like no other

25th Oct

“IT IS A PLANE, IS IT A….”            
“Wait… no, I see a baguette?”
The car park is suddenly in the shadow of five strange figures, their capes blowing in the wind, and the smell of garlic surrounds the air.
The workers look and stare with confusion. You would as well, right? Who just flies over the fence with a baguette or a whip in their hand, sporting some bright-coloured underwear and superhero-like capes?  
The PROTECTORS… that’s who! They are the five misfits of the superhero world, but the only saviour for all businesses against the mean, the bad and the downright notorious cybercrime gang.
The gang are plaguing the businesses of today, trying to take them down, one evil plan and attack at a time.
With their special skills, stunt-like moves and of course their rugged, handsome leader who shows no fear, the Protectors are East Yorkshire’s only hope in stopping the menacing crime wave that has taken a hold of this godlike county. They are fighting off every attack, every virus and every attempt to cause financial and data destruction!
In all seriousness, cybercrime has been a hot topic of 2019. With a third of all data breaches last year down to just phishing attacks alone, cyber attacks are a big threat to businesses and individuals.
“Please enter the OTP we’ve sent to your phone.”
“Where were you born?”
“We need to access your location.”
We’re assuming you’ve come across some of these requests when entering an account, and perhaps greeted them with an eye roll. After all, how hard does it have to be to gain access to your own data?
Frustrating though they may be, there’s a good reason these things exist. Reality Solutions is launching its superhero campaign, which targets the main key areas of cybercrime. A series of light-hearted blogs and comic strips aims to help businesses understand the threats of cybercrime and offers best-practice solutions to help fight against them.

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