Meet Roshan, of Springpack, who is helping to take packaging to the next level

06th Jul

I have lived in the Worcestershire area all my life and grew up visiting the family business (where I got my first job). I studied digital media in my A-levels and knew that creative digital marketing was what I wanted to do.

I have been a digital marketing assistant at Springpack for nearly two years now and I can honestly say I love my job. From planning and creating social media content, to visiting customers and getting footage of their packing operations, no week is ever the same! Making packaging exciting can sometimes prove a challenge, but that’s why I’m here.

My first project at Springpack was updating all the product images on our website, which was no small undertaking. However, as my role has developed, I have designed brand logos, produced a catalogue and various print materials, been involved in new product launches and am now responsible for all our social media channels.

Earlier this year we exhibited at our first show which was one of the biggest projects that I’ve participated in since starting at Springpack. It was a lot of work but thankfully everything ran smoothly, and we had a great couple of days at the IntraLogisteX show; hopefully it’s the first of many!

One big change I am proud to have played a part in over the past two years is our focus on eco-friendly packaging and becoming a more sustainable company. We stock a huge range of eco-friendly packaging alternatives and Plastic Packaging Tax-exempt products.

For more information on Springpack, and the eco-friendly packaging solutions we offer, please either call 01905 457 000, e-mail or visit

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