Let’s Talk Business… with Big Pink Fish

18th Jun

Having worked extensively in education publishing and design for almost a decade, company founder Calvin Innes identified an area that was lacking in good-quality, knowledgeable marketing and built the business around providing just that. Working almost exclusively with teacher training providers and collaborative teaching schools led the company to become one of the leading UK agencies in this area.
Fast-forward five years and Drunk Animal Creative Studio has grown in ways we could never have predicted, working across a huge range of industries and providing an ever-growing range of services. At our core there has always been education marketing, but we have become aware that our drive to create high-impact, disruptive marketing campaigns may not always sit well with our education clients. The Drunk Animal name itself has at times been a point of discussion when it comes to working with a small number of education companies, and we completely understand where this concern may come from.

A fresh approach
That’s why, at the beginning of 2019, we made the decision to split off part of the company to focus entirely on education. This new armof the company would work exclusively with teacher training providers, collaborative teaching schools, primary and secondary schools and education companies, to provide a range of design and marketing services.

A new office space was opened up in Manchester, allowing us better access to our network of clients and a dedicated team, with education experience, was put in place to work under the new arm known as Big Pink Fish.
The decision wasn’t one we took lightly, and we spent several months weighing up the pros and cons of such a move, but in the end it came down to one thing. We had to ask ourselves how we could provide the very best service for our clients.
So, while Drunk Animal Creative Studio continues to explore new areas and embark on increasingly ambitious projects, Big Pink Fish has shifted focus back to where it all began – providing great design and marketing services for education clients at a reasonable cost. The Manchester-based team will work in collaboration with our Hull and Oxford offices and will be a primarily female-led studio, something that we as a company have wanted to put into place for some time.
We’re excited to be able to bring together our many years of experience in the area with a vibrant brand, fresh approach and new direction. Think education… think pink!
Web: bigpinkfish.com
Email: ​[email protected]
Tel: 0161 507 3365

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