Let’s Talk Business… with Ancora Law

17th Mar

As the firm’s motto, Making Law Easy, suggests, the goal is to simplify current solicitor processes, with the guarantee that clients will always be put first.
The company plans to make this happen by introducing contemporary technologies into traditional practice, which includes video calls, online client access portals, online bill payments and an accessible case management system.
Ancora Law feels so strongly about its brand and mission that its services are offered in line with its customer service promise to provide transparent and honest services that are tailored to individual needs.
In addition, the use of modern technology allows Ancora Law’s solicitors to complete tasks with greater efficiency, reducing costs for both the firm and the client.
Matthew Hudson (left), founder of Ancora Law and former partner at Gosschalks in Hull, said: “Ancora Law has been designed with the sole purpose of changing the perceptions of how law firms can and should offer legal services.
“I’m always surprised at the attitudes of current law firms, about how they should provide services and also how they interact with their customers. Unfortunately, I don’t hear many stories about customers singing the praises of their solicitor, or saying how easy the process was.
“Often, law firms state that they are advanced in ‘legal tech’ or they are a ‘modern law firm’, but generally these statements simply mask the standard and outdated model of a law firm with expensive back office administration and offices.
“Ancora Law is ripping up the rule book, offering excellent knowledge and experience, backed up by modern ideologies, systems and technology. The ultimate goal is to provide you with unrivalled customer service, savings on your time and targets, combined with competitive fee structures which take into account the savings we can provide, due to said investment in technology.”
 It is Ancora Law’s goal to “truly do things differently” in a sphere of the market that is often seen as conventional and lacking in innovation. The firm offers a range of commercial property services including those aimed at landlords, property owners, those hoping to buy property and more.
You can find Ancora Law @AncoraLaw on Twitter and Instagram

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