Keiron Perry built a business from scratch and shares his formula for success

22nd Apr

Keiron Perry has built a successful business entirely from scratch in just a few short years – and it may be all down to his family genes.

As the Black Country raised managing director of Keiron Perry By Design puts it: “I do truly believe that the reason the business has been such a success, is because I treat people, customers and my team, how I would like to be treated. I am calm, polite and kind and to have a successful business, I think you need that.

 “My mother and father are the same. Growing up in the Black Country they have seen some tough economic times. Yet they are the most positive people and I guess they rubbed off on me. They enjoy life and I am grateful for their outlook on life.”

Keiron’s bathroom and kitchen design, supply and fitting operation has enjoyed huge growth in the last 3 years, providing an opportunity to recruit and train a workforce of eight.

He is clearly proud of his family roots – and equally of the personal qualities instilled in him from an early age due to his upbringing.

“My sister is 10 years older than me and when I was two to three years old my parents decided to leave the Black Country and move to the country for a different way of life for us all.

“It was a difficult start for them, a leap of faith. They left our family home and went to work on a farm in Herefordshire. For the first few years we lived in a caravan whilst my mother and father worked on the farm (my sister and I helped with the fruit picking or any other fun jobs). Watching my parents made me realise what they gave up to make a future for myself and my sister. Growing up in that sort of environment you saw that they worked really hard.

“They were land workers, it taught me a lot about work ethic and about how you have got to give it 100 per cent all the time. Even now, it is still quite humbling, I guess I learnt a lot about my work ethic from my mother and father. They worked at physically demanding jobs and always found the positive in what they were doing.”

Keiron readily admits that the toil and graft of his early years working in factory jobs helped give him a broad perspective on life and eventually build the expanding kitchens and bathrooms business he runs today from his base in the Evesham area, where he lives with solicitor wife Charlotte.

“Living where we did in the country, there were many local factories and from school I worked in many different roles there. It was a really happy time in my life, and even my father would admit, we had some fun.  

“Every job has its positives and negatives and I learnt a lot from that time. Clocking in and out at set times you have to have good time management, and with the work in factories dealing with machinery you have to have good attention to detail.

“I worked with a lot of people and I learnt what it was to work for good bosses (and not so good bosses). I knew then the type of leader I wanted to be, I knew I had drive and determination to be a good example and a leader in the future.” 

That drive and determination would ultimately lead to the Worcestershire-based Keiron Perry By Design bathrooms and kitchens business which has seen turnover jump by around a third in the last year as homeowners lighten the Covid gloom with house renovations. Meanwhile, Keiron’s previous experience had taught him vital life lessons.

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“I didn’t get into the building industry till I was 27 so until that point, I had numerous jobs from factory work to even security work and they got me through my 20s.”

The work ethic he had inherited from his parents was beginning to shape his future ambitions.

“I never had a day off and I guess that in the background I knew that I needed more, and wanted more, for myself.

“I met my wife, I was working in security and she had just come back from working abroad. That is how I started to get into the building industry. I realised that night work in security back then wasn’t suitable for a normal relationship – I was approached by a friend of mine who had a building company so I started as a labourer, my Monday to Friday job was moving bricks, sand, stone.

“I knew by taking that job that I would be starting a whole new career with little experience. But like my parents, some things are worth taking the risk for. I was starting again at 27 but I saw the potential of being around skilled tradespeople and what I could absorb from them, their faults as well as their positives. I was trained by them. I was always approachable and they could see that I was interested.”

In 2007-08 Keiron’s then boss, Andy Griffiths, adapted his business to concentrate on kitchen and bathroom installations at a time of recession which would wreak havoc across much of the UK’s building sector in the aftermath of the credit crunch and the subsequent banking bailouts.

“Andy focused on the installation of kitchens and bathrooms and from the first moment I knew I had a passion for it. Andy taught me everything he knew, which I will always be grateful to him for.

“Due to the recession work started to slow and it was the first time that I was having weeks off work. My wife was training to be a solicitor at the time and together we decided I needed to try and make a go of this myself.  My wife certainly believed in me. We invested our savings for me to buy a van and I approached friends who own an exceptional local design company, Method, to help me with designing the Keiron Perry By Design website.

“From that, my business was born and started to grow. Moving to Evesham I started to promote it and I was able to pick up a lot of work in some of the surrounding villages. It didn’t take me long for me to get a foothold with local suppliers. I started to build the name and the brand in Evesham and the surrounding areas.

“It wasn’t easy, I was a new face in a small town. The first job was nerve-racking as all the responsibility was on me. I had to make this work. For the first time in my life I didn’t have a boss to fall back on. Luckily for me the people of Evesham are a friendly bunch, competitors and all. I made some great connections with local trade suppliers, and over time our relationships have gone from strength to strength.”  

As the years passed, slowly but surely Keiron strengthened his foothold in the local kitchen and bathroom industry. When the pandemic struck Keiron came up with fresh ideas for designs and installations to provide homeowners with some relief from the gloom.

“People want their homes to be beautiful. I love meeting people, creating and delivering on our designs to see their dreams become reality. With a new way of working coming into play, more and more of us are spending time in our homes and they should be a place of peace and comfort, I simply love being a part of that.”

Today Keiron at 43 has come a long way since re-starting his career at 27, and is contemplating a prosperous future as the man at the helm of Keiron Perry By Design.

Keiron Perry by Design | BusinessWorks Magazine
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“I believe in investing in people and having a happy, strong, capable team around me. In 2021 I have invested significantly in the business and I have gone from having one vehicle to now four. I am committed to reinvesting in the business and my team.

“ I am creating the best fitting teams, making sure that they have the highest skillset and investing my time into training them.  What does the future hold for Keiron Perry By Design?  I will look at showrooms at some stage but for now, I am committed to continue to grow an exceptional fitting and design team branching out further and continuing to provide excellent service.”

But just as he has always stayed true to his family roots in his approach to life and work, Keiron has also stuck by the principles and lessons he picked up as a labourer in his early days on building sites.

“I intend to always be hands on. It is in my nature. I will be there training, developing and supporting my team as a good leader should. I will be there, in the loft, under the floorboards, out in the rain, whatever needs to be done.”

Keiron’s approach to running his company seems to be paying off. “I have plenty of work coming in, I have a really great team around me, eager to learn, to grow with the business and I am constantly astounded at their skill, drive and determination to be the best.”

Those Perry family genes have come in very handy down through the decades…

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