Humber SMEs offered free training to protect against cyber attacks

31st Aug

An East Riding IT firm is offering businesses in the Humber region free training to help improve awareness and security amid a rise in cyber attacks targeting SMEs.

Cyber crime involves malicious attacks that can destroy, delete, extort, alter or give access to sensitive data that can result in money leaving bank accounts and countless hours of lost productivity when employees cannot access the network.

Dan Gladstone (above), director at specialist IT support and cyber security firm Jupiter IT, said: “Large corporations invest in cyber security but not enough SMEs recognise the importance of this kind of protection, which makes them vulnerable to cyber criminals. We hope to change this.

“Our team is passionate about keeping businesses cyber-safe. In our experience, staff awareness can be the weak link that leaves businesses exposed, during which time a breach can occur.

“To help prevent this, one of our cyber specialists will provide a free one-hour workshop which covers the dangers, how to spot the signs and ultimately prevent a cyber attack.”

Hessle-based Jupiter provides IT support in Hull, Grimsby, Leeds and Scunthorpe, delivering cyber security-focused services to businesses since June 2007. Those who would like to take advantage of the free training are encouraged to contact the firm direct.

Dan added: “Most cyber attacks are from criminals wanting to gain access to business finances and customer data. This could be an individual, someone acting on behalf of a state or a criminal organisation.

“Malware and spyware is used to encrypt information and lock users out of their own IT networks, some will demand a ransom in exchange for access.

“Recently ransomeware attacks have affected our daily lives from rail ticketing machines to supermarkets and small businesses to airlines.

“Locally, the Humberside Cyber Crime Unit strategy aims to prevent attacks taking place by raising awareness and we have previously worked closely with them, delivering seminars and workshops.

“The adoption of cloud technologies improves efficiencies and security for many businesses. Despite this, cyber risks are greater today than ever, so it pays to be insured. However, insurers will only accept a claim if you have a strategy and security in place. In some cases premiums could be reduced with proof of cyber security training and accreditations like cyber essentials.”

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