Hull design startup launches ‘the ultimate to-do list’

13th Mar

Reflections is the first release from startup business Projective Design. It simplifies the reflective process for people through bold, minimalist design so that anyone can engage with it, regardless of age or background.
The concept for Reflections came about in late 2019 when founder Joe Birjoo was in the process of designing “the ultimate to-do list” and wanted to quickly and easily document the ups and downs of each day’s work.
Realising that there wasn’t an off-the-shelf solution readily available that was satisfying enough to use, he decided to design one himself.
Joe said: “During the research and development stage, it became obvious that there were many more uses for it beyond project management. There were really compelling reasons for using it in education, professional development, creative projects and personal wellbeing.”
After a soft launch earlier in the year garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews, Projective Design has partnered with local bookbinder Fisk Printers to bring the product to market.
Reflections is available now, exclusively through Black Tree Publishing.

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