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28th Jul

Over the period some 4,000 jobs and 700-plus businesses have been created, with a thriving network of hundreds of members. BW Magazine met CEO Alan Gordon-Freeman to find out more…
So, Alan, what can Sirius do to help me start up a new business?
Our business advisers are well-qualified to help, but most of all, they are very experienced. I have been a business adviser for more than 30 years, and our senior adviser, Colin Hanslip, has a wealth of start-up experience gained through Barclays Bank, Business Link, and HABAC, the now-defunct enterprise agency in Hull… and we’re definitely ‘knocking on a bit’, so tend to have seen it all before!
We both genuinely care for our clients, and really want them to succeed. We understand the importance the enterprise is to our client – it is their living, after all, so should be taken seriously. it’s great when you can stand back and see some of the success stories we have helped along the way, and also see the employment opportunities some of them have created.
How do I apply for a loan for my business?
If you are thinking of setting up as self-employed, or even starting up a new business, we will work with you to ensure that you are fully aware of the risks and rewards that it can bring. We will help you create a business plan, understand your marketing and finance obligations, and how to attract funding. If you are an existing business looking to expand, we will help you put a strategy together, and work with you to ensure that your growth plan will be successful.
We have our own business loan fund, so when we and the client are both satisfied that the business plan will be a success, we can apply through our own loan panel for the funding. We will also help to negotiate traditional funding from banks, and try to obtain any relevant grant funding that may be available.
What support can you give my business?
Apart from helping you to start up, we also offer free training workshops for bookkeeping and marketing (we hope to add social media marketing soon), and we will continue to offer free mentoring support for as long as the business wants us to. Some businesses we helped 20 years ago still contact us for general information and advice, or sometimes just to check in and get an opinion on an idea or product, etc.
Along the way, we have made some great friends, many of whom are doing very well! The fact that Sirius can offer this free service to local tradesmen and businesses is due to sponsorship. There are many great corporation tax incentives, and marketing opportunities for those who sponsor us. To find out more, please get in touch.
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