GB Recruitment introduces four-day weeks

26th Nov

The rapidly growing GB Recruitment aims to improve the work-life balance of their employees by allowing them more time to spend with family and friends.
Inspired by the results of Microsoft’s Work-Life Choice Challenge in Japan, GB Recruitment is introducing four-day weeks as of January 2020. The extra days’ leave will be rostered between a Monday and Friday to allow the firm to deliver the same level of customer service. If successful, this 100/80/100 system is hoped to be a permanent benefit of working for the Hull based recruitment firm as they offer 100% pay, 80% hours in a bid to achieve 100% productivity.
Antonio Tombanane, managing director, said: “I was inspired by the results of the Microsoft experiment. The traditional workplace is a static concept which doesn’t always promote productivity. By introducing four-day weeks we hope to encourage a happier workforce, increase retention within our team and make it easier to recruit.”
Microsoft’s Work-Life Choice Challenge found that by allowing their employees Fridays off for a month, productivity had increased by 40%. However, it is not the first organisation to benefit from this experiment. New Zealand’s Perpetual Guardian also found an increase in productivity levels, lower stress levels and higher job satisfaction, and Glaswegian company Pursuit Marketing introduced four-day weeks three years ago and is reporting that sickness leave is at an all-time low as a result.
The move isn’t without its critics. A recent Government report claimed that the four-day week was neither “realistic nor desirable”. Managers at Hull’s only IT recruitment specialist, GB Recruitment, disagree as they believe that building a happy work environment is the key to success and rewarding employees is an important piece of that puzzle.
Four-day weeks are the latest addition to the firm’s staff engagement policy, which also includes flexible working hours, quarterly lunch clubs, birthdays off work and “Beer Fridays”.
The company, which recently moved to C4DI following a 40% increase in revenue, is continuing to grow and believes that being able to offer the right package is key to attracting the right candidate. GB Recruitment has recently taken on three new employees, with more due to be advertised in the new year.
Glen Halliwell, associate director of GB Recruitment, said: “As a recruiter I know full well that attracting the right candidate is all about offering the right package. By offering my team additional benefits and a better work-life balance it allows me to attract and retain the right people for the business.”

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