Funeral firm addresses carbon footprint with eTrees partnership

05th Jul

A Worcestershire family funeral directors has said it is looking to the future and addressing its carbon footprint by forming a partnership with eTrees, which promises to plant a tree for every service.

The environmental impact of a funeral can vary due to a number of factors, such as the materials used and the actual funeral process itself. However, all funerals leave behind a carbon deficit, which Jackson Family Funerals is looking to offset.

A spokesman for eTrees said: “Climate change is real, and governments around the world are reacting to the global consciousness of the environmental impact the human race is leaving as a legacy for our children and future generations. The time to act is now.

“The UK Government has set ambitious carbon reduction targets which will require a change of thinking in both the business community and peoples personal choices. Consumers are already looking at how their carbon footprint can be reduced. 

“Jackson’s has recognised that regardless of whether a funeral is a burial or a cremation, they have a long-term impact on the environment. Which is why the local firm came up with our carbon offsetting initiative.”

Jonathan Branchett, general manager of Jackson’s Family Funerals, said: “As a verified partner of eTrees, our aim is not to just offset the carbon footprint of a funeral but tip the balance enough to ensure every funeral we are trusted to care for has a positive impact.

“Planting trees for every loved one serves two purposes. We offset the carbon footprint of the funeral, and provide a lasting memorial for the loved one with a digital certificate confirming tree planting for the family. Many families are choosing to purchase additional trees to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by the attending mourners.”

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