Four-day week boosts recruitment firm’s productivity by 50%

28th Jan

Inspired by the results of Microsoft’s Work-Life Choice Challenge in Japan, GB Recruitment introduced the four-day week as of January 6, 2020. The extra day’s leave is rostered between a Monday, Thursday and Friday to allow the firm to deliver the same level of customer service.
Antonio Tombanane, managing director, said: “We are amazed by the results the experiment has delivered so far. The plan is to continue to monitor the impact, but we are more committed than ever to make this work.”
Productivity at the firm is monitored based on strict criteria focusing on business development, interviews and placement figures.
Glen Halliwell, associate director, said: “I couldn’t be prouder of what my team has managed to achieve during this trial. Being in a position where we have managed to take on an extra recruiter this month has been the real icing on the cake.”
GB Recruitment considers the four-day week to be more than just a way of increasing productivity. Managers believe that by introducing this style of working they will be able to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of their employees. Benefits differ based on the individual – it could be something as simple as allowing a parent to do the school run once a week.
Four-day weeks are the latest addition to the firm’s successful staff engagement policy. Other benefits include flexible working hours, quarterly lunch clubs, birthdays off and “Beer Fridays”.

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