Ethical cleaning company launches container ‘laundry’ service trial

13th Oct

Working collaboratively with selected wholesalers to return, refill and reuse the containers, the trial will create a closed-loop system – further reducing the amount of plastic used by the company and helping to contribute to a more sustainable society. Collected from stockists by the pallet load, the containers will be thoroughly ‘laundered’ using a high-pressure jet wash and steam system to ensure they are cleaned to a high standard, before being refilled with product and sent out to distributors for resale. Containers will also be swabbed to ensure they are fully cleaned. With the products eagerly awaited for by Bio-D customers, wholesalers currently involved in the trial include Essential Trading Co-operative, Infinity Foods Wholesale, Greencity Wholefoods and Queenswood Natural Foods. Lloyd Atkin, CEO of Bio-D, says: “We have been working on setting up a closed-loop system for a long time, following the strict processes needed to conform to all necessary standards for our ethically produced products. “We’re thrilled that we can now start offering the service to our customers via wholesalers, in a bid to further reduce our impact on the planet.” If successful, the laundering system will expand to launder higher volumes, with the possibility of including smaller refill containers at a later date. The UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, vegan cleaning products, 80% of Bio-D’s range is now packaged in recycled plastics. It is the first UK cleaning consumer brand to use this type of packaging, and there is potential to make this 100% in the near future.

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