Director of environmental consultancy awarded badger licence

11th Jun

A Worcester-based team of ecological experts has received a boost after one of its directors qualified for a badger licence.

Fern Fellowes-Day, director of Focus Environmental Consultants, has become a registered consultant for the CL35 Badger Class Licence, awarded by Natural England.

This award adds to the already comprehensive range of ecology licences and capabilities of Fern and the rest of the team.

As a registered user, Fern can close setts and relocate badgers for clients undertaking development work or to stop badgers causing serious damage to land and property. This licence replaces the need to apply for an individual project licence and significantly shortens the whole process.

To obtain the licence, Fern had to demonstrate her knowledge and experience in working on sites where badger expertise was required and demonstrate a thorough understanding of safe methods for badger sett closure and relocation.

She said: “I am exceptionally pleased to have been awarded the registered consultant status for the CL35 licence. The badgers and setts will still be dealt with following the same safe closure procedure, but the application process for our clients is significantly reduced – 30 working days down to 10, which is a great advantage.”

Badgers and their setts are protected by law, meaning that it is illegal to deliberately disturb or harm a badger and damage, destroy or block access to their setts.

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