Digital marketing expert to reveal secrets of her strategy

13th Dec

Samantha Ware formed her own York-based digital marketing agency, Tailor-Made Media, in 2017 following 10 years of achieving growth for numerous national and international brands. She will host a series of workshops early in 2020, across eight cities in Yorkshire and the North.
During the interactive session, she will show business owners and marketing managers in Hull how to use social media to really understand their customers’ lives and habits, establish the correct routes to market with simple customer profiling tactics, stop “self-promoting” and instead use content that resonates with customers, and build a digital marketing strategy that delivers tangible commercial leads.
Samantha said: “Most business owners have experience of a failed marketing campaign, one that cost them more money than it made, and many positively shy away from the ‘M word’. But the fact is, for a company to thrive and survive, particularly in this digital age, it must have a grasp on marketing and understand how it can work for them. It’s not rocket science, a lot of it is common sense and a few clever tricks.”
Earlier this year, Samantha and her team ran an influencer social media campaign for an international vitamin brand, VÖOST, and achieved a social media reach of nearly 900,000 and engagements of 13,000 on a budget of just hundreds of pounds. Her same approach also saw millions of people reached to raise awareness of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, produced an online identity for a leading regional law firm, which saw it grow by 25% in 2019, and increased sales instruction by 50% in just three months for a local estate agent.
The “How to Create A Winning Marketing Strategy” masterclass will take place on January 22 from 9am-1pm at the Village Hotel in Hull.

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