Davidson Estates teams up with global property promoter

17th Aug

One of Birmingham’s leading independent estate agents has signed up to an international property sales platform designed to place new UK property developments firmly on the world stage.

Davidson Estates has named Mandarin-speaking Jon Smith, new home sales and investment consultant, as the lead team member in its liaison with Investorist.com.

Investorist.com, also based in Birmingham, is an international property sales platform that enables Davidson Estates to offer agents around the world property offerings from the UK.

Ben Davidson (above), managing director of Davidson Estates, said: “This gives them the same access to detailed listings, brochures and other information about developments in the UK, as well as clearly detailing commission available for each individual project that we market.

“It is an incredible opportunity to share Birmingham’s many new property developments with a global audience on a user-friendly platform.

“It gives us and agents globally a mutually beneficial platform, providing them with both a wide range of properties available and a pair of boots on the ground that can follow up, in-person where needed, and ensure that deals get done as smoothly and professionally as possible.”

Jon Smith said: “Having seen the incredible developments in South China over the last decade, it is very exciting to see a similar pace of development now underway in Birmingham. Investorist.com also allow us to cover greater territory in the UK through strategic cooperation with large regional developers.”

He added that it also enhanced the ability of a smaller independent agency such as Davidson Estates to compete with larger estate agents with greater resources.

“It also gives individual clients an element of exclusivity in terms of how the information is shared through individual links and invitations shared by us,” he said.

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