Composites Construction UK: specialist asset maintenance contractors in Yorkshire and Humber

16th Aug

Yorkshire: rolling hills, quaint villages, and some of the most impressive structures and buildings in the North. If you’re from Yorkshire and proud (like us!), you’ll understand why CCUK has put so much time and effort into providing services for our fellow Yorkshire-based businesses.

That’s also why CCUK employed a team of specialist asset maintenance contractors who are dedicated to repairing and strengthening structures in your area.

Here are seven of CCUK’s specialist services for customers living and working in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

1. Concrete Repair & Crack Injection

Applications: To fill low-pressure cracks in buildings, bridges, and other structures (particularly made of concrete) to restore strength and prevent further damage

Suitable for: Concrete buildings, bridges, and other structures made of concrete, brickwork, or masonry

2. Specialist cleaning and coatings

Applications: Improves the aesthetic of structures via blasting, chemical cleaning, coating and more

Suitable for: All buildings and structures, both interior and exterior. Suitable for cleaning and coating even the smallest of assets

3. Corrosion control

Applications: Reinforcing parts of structures that could be at risk of corroding, especially those in contact with water

Suitable for: Most pipes, vessels, waterfront structures and other assets at risk of corrosion

4. Membranes

Applications: To prevent excessive moisture seeping through structures, particularly those that are purpose-built near or around water

Suitable for: Most concrete and steel buildings and structures

5. Anchors and ties

Applications: Protection against the elements, such as storms and strong winds

Suitable for: Steel structures that are located out in the open and are at risk of being damaged without additional reinforcement

6. Resin injection and curtain grouting

Applications: Treatment for leaks in structures by creating a permanent seal or waterproof `curtain` (barrier)

Suitable for: Most concrete buildings and structures

7. Composite and structural strengthening

Applications: Using various types of composite materials (such as carbon fibre) to strengthen and reinforce structures, either for preventative measures or to fix repairs

Suitable for: The vast majority of buildings and structures, especially those made of steel

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