CCUK Rebrands its Concrete Repairs Division

08th Mar

In early 2022, Composites Construction UK rebranded its concrete repairs division. CRSW is officially the new name for CCUK’s Concrete Repair and Specialist Works division which operates primarily in the Yorkshire and the Humber region.

CRSW (CCUK) is a leading specialist contractor for repairing and strengthening structures, pipes, tanks, bridges, and buildings. Operating across the UK through a network of 3 regional hubs, CRSW provides a comprehensive repair, strengthening, and maintenance service for all manner of structures.

On top of offering a cross-service between both divisions, CRSW’s services include but are not limited to:
• Concrete Repairs
• Spray Concrete
• Waterproofing Systems
• Resin Injections
• Abrasive Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Some of the specialist services CRSW offers in the region include:
Concrete Repair & Crack Injection
• Concrete repairs by hand, trowel, or spray application.
Crack injection techniques in concrete elements within buildings, tanks, process facilities, and other structural elements. Suitable for, concrete buildings, tanks, pipes and any structures made of concrete, brickwork, or timber.

Resin Injection & Curtain Grouting
Treatment for leaks in below-ground structures by creating a permanent seal or waterproof ‘curtain’ (barrier). Manhole, pipes and tank repair and coating for damage and life extension. Suitable for, most concrete, steel, masonry, and fibreglass structures. Crack injection for leaks sealing/stoppage with PU, hydrophobic or hydrophilic resins.

Corrosion Control
Repairing parts of structures that could be at risk of corroding, especially those in contact with water. Sacrificial and impressed current CP systems for corrosion control along with specialist migrating inhibitors and innovative coatings to control and slow corrosion in your assets. Suitable for: Most pipes, vessels, waterfront structures, and other assets at risk of corrosion.

Composite & Structural Strengthening
Applications: Using various innovative types of composite systems (carbon and E-Glass fibre) combined with unique epoxy resins to strengthen and reinforce structures. Either for preventative measures, rehabilitation, structural upgrade or to increase life expectancy. Suitable for: Most structures, especially those made of concrete.

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For more information about CRSW’s services, please visit

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