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After five years of successive growth, Hull-based marketing agency Drunk Animal Creative Studio has relocated to a new studio and office space.


Hull creative agency relocates to new studio feature image

The popular agency, which also has offices in Manchester and Oxford, has moved from Princes Dock Street, Hull city centre, where it has been operating for the past three years, into two converted warehouses in Wincolmlee.

In that time the agency has grown to become one of the most recognised in the area, thanks to high-profile projects including the Alternative Heritage plaques, Plastic Pledge campaigns and the recent Zany Races installation at Princes Quay.

Calvin Innes, creative director and CEO, says of the move, “We’ve been looking for the right location for a while now. The last few years have seen the company outgrow our current space and as a number of our recent projects have involved quite large builds, it has just became impractical to keep working in the same place.

"The new space is large enough for us to expand the team, to build some of these larger installation pieces on site and to showcase some of our previous projects. It’s an exciting step for the company and an indication of our ambition to continue growing.”

While the company’s growth has seen it open offices in two other locations this year, as well launching sister company Big Pink Fish in Manchester, Calvin still sees Hull as the home of Drunk Animal.

“We work closely with a number of companies in Hull, and collaborate with quite a few different agencies in the city. I’m not really interested in competition. When people play to their strengths and come together on projects, the end results tend to be far better.”

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