An Appointment With… Lynn Boulonois

04th Jun

Lynn, could you please tell us a little about your background?
This may take a while; I think my CV is about 10 pages long! No, joking aside, my career has mainly been in a customer service/sales environment where I have also held several managerial roles and mainly in the travel and banking industry.
I also spent 10 years working either within a military environment, and spent six years overseas, in Belgium and Cyprus, where I qualified to British Airways Level 2 in fares and ticketing and ran the civil air desk for military personnel.
More recently I worked for a business consultancy that specialised in organisational development, where I built and supported in coaching, consulting and facilitation intervention for the NHS, and public sector organisations. I also qualified in CMI Level 5 in professional consulting while working for this organisation. A small stint as a business development manager with a print management company was my last role before joining Encompass.
Wow, that is a hugely varied environment – did you need any military training?
No military training as I was employed in a civilian role, however I had to comply with standard military practice and standards, for example I used to have to work in line with the JSP (Joint Services Plan). I was fully trained on the military air booking system called Mars (Military Air Reservation System) along with British Airways Fares and Ticketing Level 1 and 2. What I did take on board while working in a military environment was how to work with ever-changing situations, for example rapid deployment of military personnel to various areas of the world, often at very short notice. The other area I gained knowledge in was working with different cultures, both in terms of individuals and different military organisations, as my role in Belgium was a Nato base.
Do you think becoming a management tutor was the next logical step in your career after coaching and consulting?
Absolutely, with such a wide and diverse career background I felt that to bring this all together along with my coaching and consulting skills was definitely the next logical step. Also as my coaching and consulting background was at a strategic organisational level, looking further in to this I felt that supporting individuals to become better managers and leaders would impact how organisations could operate more effectively and efficiently, it is better to upskill who you have and use their skills and knowledge.
What do you think drives you/motivates you to seek all these opportunities?
For me, when people say to me, “Wow, I have noticed a difference in who I am and what I am doing,” or “that was a great holiday we booked with you” – that really makes every day so rewarding. I know this comes from me being a huge people person, I love to build great relationships by really getting to know them, build trust and work together to gain the best outcomes for both individuals and organisations. One tool I came across in my consulting days was the Trust Equation, which I feel I have always subconsciously used throughout my career but never knew there was a model for it until a few years ago. For me I always try to be credible, reliable, show intimacy; for example tell stories and show compassion and empathy, and use self-orientation;  making sure that the client/learner is at the heart of everything I do, and not for my self-worth.
A quote from Lynn’s line manager, Christine Cary, management curriculum lead:
“Lynn joined Encompass last year as a trainee and has almost completed her work to become fully qualified. From the get-go, Lynn has proved herself to be an incredible tutor, with the title of ‘trainee’ completely outweighed by her performance. She has taken on every challenge, every opportunity to develop and built relationships in such a successful and passionate way, that she’s become an invaluable asset not only to Encompass, but to her learners and the organisations that she works with. I am privileged to have her as part of the delivery team and look forward to seeing what else she is capable of.”

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